Hi, my name is Alex...



I am a performance psychologist specialised in working with busy, driven men who want to be happier but are currently:

- on a downward spiral,

- not understanding or expressing their emotions,

- emotionally eating and drinking, feeling lost or demotivated at work,

- arguing with loved ones.



I work with clients to:

- increase their happiness, motivation & peace-of-mind, and

- improve relationships, decision making and sleep.



I use a person-centred counselling approach whilst applying and utilising principles used by top athletes, to help busy, driven men manage and capitalize on emotional experiences...



I support men to access, assess and alter previously troublesome thought patterns and emotional experiences so they can express themselves effectively and feel more happiness in their day to day lives...



If you’d like to get to work right away, book in for a free, initial 30-minute consultation where we can explore your current situation. We’ll identify the best next steps for improving your happiness, and developing long term mental resilience.





I’ve had much anxiety over what will/could happen; and whether I’m saying/doing the right things.

Now, instead, I feel I can replace all of that with just being confident that I am being true to my heart.

I have carried away a sense that I am a decent person and I am confident, and sensitive. And it’s far better to be these things openly and honestly, and be confident that I’ll bring the right people into my life by being so.

I am very grateful for Alex’s help. 

Andrew Online Copywriter, World Traveller.

“I really enjoyed working with Alexandra and found her sessions rewarding and beneficial; helping me to better balance my working-life and relaxation.”

Dan Marketing Consultant, Exeter

“Working with Alex allowed me to see that I was holding myself back and I could make my life more positive. The work highlighted and stopped my self doubt and defeatist attitude allowing for a more positive outlook and improved relationships.”

Melanie Hastings Founder of Yoga with Melanie

“It’s good having the sessions online, I feel more inclined to open up than I have with other professionals because I feel very comfortable and safe in my own home.”

Eilene Independent Sport Psychologist, Scotland

“I worked with Alex whilst pursuing my start-up venture full time. Alex allowed me to access my subconscious. As a result, my stress reduced and decision making improved. This has been a big part of my success.”

Zav Sima CEO/Founder/Owner at ALOKI

“I found Alexandra’s session helped me gain clarity over how exercise affects my wellbeing; in particular, the different benefits each exercise offers, how their timing could optimise my mood and performance, and most importantly, how I can fit them in.”

David Technology Executive, UK

“I had a one hour reflection session with Alex. It was eye-opening having her reiterate what was going on for me. I gained such clarity and the strategies Alex recommended certainly hit the nail on the head.”

Amanda Independent Arbonne Consultant, Australia



My Story


Since 2005 I’ve trained and worked in psychology.


Having worked with 90% men since 2011, I’ve learned about the pressures placed on men to be quiet about their feelings and appear “strong”. I learned this leads to difficulties in identifying, labelling and processing emotions. Emotions which, ironically, lead to unprocessed emotions making life that much more of a struggle.


Even with psychological help, many of these men struggled to maintain good mental health - suffering from acute and chronic stress, anxiety and depression.


Then, I became aware of a missing link in psychological therapies.


I observed the importance of exercise in managing and maintaining an optimal mindset.


Serving as an effective tool for managing emotions like anger, anxiety and hopelessness; exercise was being applied to treating PTSD in veterans, and anxiety in ADHD. But it wasn’t being applied to anxiety and depression in the general population.


So, I embarked on an MSc in sport and exercise psychology to apply this emerging knowledge to men with their mental resilience. 


I learned about the principles used by top athletes to explore and optimise their emotional and mental states...

Paired with my already in-depth understanding of the effect of historical emotional patterns on present-day emotional experiences, this allowed me to support men working in demanding, business settings to access, assess and alter previously troublesome thought patterns and emotional experiences so that they could express themselves effectively and feel more happiness in their day to day lives. 


I now apply all this knowledge and experience in supporting men to perform at their best at work and in life: accessing, assessing and maximising their emotional experiences.


When you understand your mind you can access so much more joy.


My Mission

My mission is to create and deliver frameworks, trainings and 1:1 programmes which will allow all men to increase happiness in this way —  both by learning to effectively capitalize on emotional states and by moving past historical, unprocessed emotional challenges which otherwise undermine their happiness and goal attainment.  

The FB Group

If you are ready to build a strong mindset which will protect you from mental health issues, allow you to develop mental fortitude, and support you in your goal attainment, join the FB group where I can answer questions and let you know about upcoming, free training.

Working 1:1

If you’d like to get to work right away, book in for an initial 30 minute consultation where we can explore your current situation. 

We’ll identify the best next steps for improving your happiness and goal attainment, and developing long term mental resilience. 

Discover how to begin living YOUR FULLEST and MOST PURPOSEFUL LIFE!



Wellbeing Performance packages focus on improving emotions and relationships.

You can improve your mood and relationships by achieving crucial, long-term goals relating to:



Identify and overcome thought processes which repeatedly undermine your ability to maintain healthy and satisfying relationships.


Identify the mental habits which are limiting your ability to attain an efficient, rewarding and successful work life balance.


Maintain your ideal weight by uncovering and overcoming the psychological patterns which are undermining your weight management.


Is this service for me?

This is the place for you if you are:

— open to self-reflection

— motivated/have a desire to change

— willing to put in some work.


Ideally, you will be keen to use assessments and scales to monitor your progress, and you will be aware of how psychology works i.e. you’re aware I cannot give you all the answers and I can give you the time, space and expertise to create change in your life and your future.  


You can work with me on a 1:1 basis to:

- identify your goals

- explore your current mindset and limiting beliefs, and

- learn methods to tackle those limiting beliefs in order to feel happier.


What Next?

If you’ve noticed an emotional or behavioural pattern in day to day life which you’d like to change long term, this would require a minimum of 6-10 sessions. We can clarify which might be best in an initial 90 minute session. 


If you have a minor issue which you want to discuss as a one off, I provide a 60 or 90 minute session.


If you are unsure which session type best suits your needs, we can have an initial, free, 30 minute chat to clarify which option is best.

Select and book your 30, 60 or 90 minute session...

Qualifications and Membership

BSc Psychology (BPS Accredited)

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology 

BTEC Level 2 Counselling

Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences



MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)



I have a breadth of knowledge which can be applied to your goals of self-exploration and self-actualisation, attained from an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, BSc in Psychology and BTEC in Counselling Psychology.

You can be assured I will always work with professionalism and integrity because I work in accordance with the professional conduct guidelines by the British Psychological Society.

I take a holistic approach to monitoring the mind and body, influenced by my knowledge in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).






Your privacy is important.