I can help you unlock your potential, improve your wellbeing and performance, and exceed expectations throughout your life, using bespoke wellbeing and performance sessions focusing on three core areas:


Identify and overcome thought processes which repeatedly undermine your ability to maintain healthy and satisfying relationships.


Identify the mental habits which are limiting your ability to attain an efficient, rewarding and successful work life balance.


Maintain your ideal weight by uncovering and overcoming the psychological patterns which are undermining your weight management.

All programmes are delivered one-to-one, online, either via phone or video call (usually using Skype). 

This is a confidential, respectful and caring service, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will never be judged based on the information you share, and that it will remain private*.

You can opt for either a short or long-term programme of work, and this can be decided either during the initial session or on a session-by-session basis. I work with people both without or with mental health concerns including those at risk or in remission **.

* In line with the confidentiality agreement which is always covered during the first session.

** If you have any mental health concerns it is advisable that you also seek relevant support from your GP and/or a Clinical Psychologist.



Personal growth requires personalised strategies – that’s why your programme will always be bespoke and based on cutting-edge psychological research, drawn from a range of topics.


I take a holistic approach; considering your physical and psychological health as a whole – which allows me to identify the full range of factors impacting your daily wellbeing and performance.

Goals are set together, in context of your dreams, ambitions and daily life, and strategies are customised to help you progress towards these.


I believe we all have unlimited potential; governed only by our focus and energy.

I combine concepts from clinical, counselling, and sport and exercise psychology to identify your best-value improvement areas to develop optimal wellbeing and performance.

All of your sessions will be underpinned by positive psychology principles – helping you unlock your potential and exceed your own expectations in your home, work and passions.


Well-being and performance is the foundation of our entire lives.

My programmes empower you with skills that you can use again and again – helping you to tackle any challenges life throws at you and to keep improving and developing.


Wellbeing and performance knowledge is constantly evolving in response to research.

Working with me ensures you’re always equipped with up-to-date information and strategies for success.


Unlocking our unlimited potential simply requires improving our energy and focus.

Daily life can be demanding, making it difficult to find paths to improve our wellbeing and performance, or to recognise and remove psychological barriers.

We each have a unique, intricate story and therefore require our own, tailored approach in order to find our optimal strategies for wellbeing and performance.


I’ve had much anxiety over what will/could happen; and whether I’m saying/doing the right things.

Now, instead, I feel I can replace all of that with just being confident that I am being true to my heart.

I have carried away a sense that I am a decent person and I am confident, and sensitive. And it’s far better to be these things openly and honestly, and be confident that I’ll bring the right people into my life by being so.

I am very grateful for Alex’s help. 

Andrew Online Copywriter, World Traveller.

“I really enjoyed working with Alexandra and found her sessions rewarding and beneficial; helping me to better balance my working-life and relaxation.”

Dan Marketing Consultant, Exeter

“Working with Alex allowed me to see that I was holding myself back and I could make my life more positive. The work highlighted and stopped my self doubt and defeatist attitude allowing for a more positive outlook and improved relationships.”

Melanie Hastings Founder of Yoga with Melanie

“It’s good having the sessions online, I feel more inclined to open up than I have with other professionals because I feel very comfortable and safe in my own home.”

Eilene Independent Sport Psychologist, Scotland

“I worked with Alex whilst pursuing my start-up venture full time. Alex allowed me to access my subconscious. As a result, my stress reduced and decision making improved. This has been a big part of my success.”

Zav Sima CEO/Founder/Owner at ALOKI

“I found Alexandra’s session helped me gain clarity over how exercise affects my wellbeing; in particular, the different benefits each exercise offers, how their timing could optimise my mood and performance, and most importantly, how I can fit them in.”

David Technology Executive, UK

“I had a one hour reflection session with Alex. It was eye-opening having her reiterate what was going on for me. I gained such clarity and the strategies Alex recommended certainly hit the nail on the head.”

Amanda Independent Arbonne Consultant, Australia